Common PCB Quality Defects to Look For

In an effort to help put an end to PCB defects, download the Top 4 Printed Circuit Board Defects tip sheet set. Tip sheets are resources that are designed in a rapid read format which makes them great for referencing.

Inside You’ll Find:

  • Immersion Gold Surface Contamination
  • Tight Spaced Solder Mask Dams
  • Solder Mask in Plated Through Holes
  • Exposed Copper

All companies talk about quality but very few back it up with true investment in people, systems, equipment, technology and processes. Our quality assurance process is divided into five separate areas, ensuring that specialized expertise is applied to each stage of our business process.

Common PCB Quality Defects to Look For

Epec’s quality system also provides the safeguards necessary to prevent any quality problem from evading detection.

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