4 Tips to Avoid During Manufacturing

If you have ever had issues with solder mask encroachment, then you need to download our Preventing Solder Migration Through PCB Vias tip sheet set.

These tip sheets are designed as a resource, in a rapid read format, which makes them great for reference when working on a circuit board project.

Inside You’ll Find Tips On:

  • Examples of How Solder Can Escape
  • Fill and Cap Plate
  • One-Side Epoxy Plug
  • And more…
Preventing Solder Migration Through PCB Vias

Epec offers a variety of printed circuit board manufacturing solutions for via processing requirements. Whether you require vias flooded with mask, selective plugging in BGA areas, conductive and non-conductive epoxy fill, or fully plugged and via in pad, we have you covered.

Learn These Pro Tips

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