Using Vias in Printed Circuit Board Designs


What Are They, Why Are They Needed, What You Need to Know

Inside the Using Vias in Printed Circuit Board Designs Ebook, we will review the birth and expansion of the many types of via holes, their use, and the processing of these specialty holes in your printed circuit board design. We will walk through the different types of via holes, what they are, and the reason we need them, as well as discuss processing time, cost, and if the type you desire is really going to work for you.

Insiders Look:

  • Via History
  • Why We Need So Many Via Types
  • Blind & Buried Vias, Via-in-Pad
  • Through Holes
  • And more…
Using Vias in Printed Circuit Board Designs

With all of the different types of via holes that have been developed, the most commonly used are the blind via and the via-in-pad with a sprinkling of the others. As technology pushed the size of the printed circuit board, space was an issue for all that we wanted the raw card to be able to do.

These specialty holes would be what saved the day, at a higher cost and somewhat of a processing curve to learn to implement they have come a long way in performance. Their development has markedly improved PCB capabilities, making them indispensable in modern electronics design.

Vias are certainly intricate, but they play a pivotal role in the ongoing miniaturization and sophistication of electronic devices.

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