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Using Flexible Heaters In The Medical Industry


5 Medical Devices Utilizing Flex Heater Technologies

The adherent qualities of flexible heaters make them prime candidates for use in the medical industry. Their high watt densities and ability to maintain tight tolerances with resistive capabilities gives the user the strict controls needed with medical apparatuses.

Inside our Using Flexible Heaters In The Medical Industry Ebook, we will review 5 medical devices utilizing flex heater technologies.


What’s Inside:

  • Blood and Infusion Warmers
  • Medical Lab Hot Plates
  • Laboratory Incubators
  • And More…


Flexible heaters are an excellent choice for various medical applications that require controlled heating. The ability to custom design a flexible heaters shape, size, and heating controls gives them an added benefit from using an off-the-shelf conventional heating solution.

Using Flexible Heaters In The Medical Industry

Learn How Flex Heaters Are Used In Medical Devices

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