Cost-Saving Strategies to Know When Designing a Flexible PCB

Inside the Top Cost Factors of a Flexible Printed Circuit Board Ebook, we look at flex circuit technology and the cost impact of design requirements.

Flexible circuit technology has a very wide range of design flexibility and capabilities. The multiple individual design elements interact and contribute to creating the final cost structure of a specific design. The cost impact of design requirements can be significant and need careful review, in the early stages of the process, to ensure a design that both meets all the technical requirements and is as cost-effective as possible.

What’s Inside:

  • Material Utilization
  • EMI Shielding
  • Layer Count
  • And more…
Top Cost Factors of a Flexible Printed Circuit Board

Beyond meeting all the design requirements being cost-effective is an important element of a complete and optimized flex circuit design. While some of the items covered in this eBook are also present in rigid PCB designs the frequency of occurrence and their impact on cost are greater in flex designs. Some items discussed may require a significant change in the initial design direction while others entail small changes to the design as it currently exists.

In either situation, a full review at the design stage of the significant cost factors impacting the final cost of a flex circuit design; it is part of the due diligence required to achieve a successful and optimized project.

Learn These Cost-Saving Strategies

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