Design Tips to Help Simplify Production

Inside our Top 6 Flexible Circuit Board Design Checks Ebook you will find full explanations of how to avoid common flex circuit design mistakes.

Flex PCBs have many different criteria than that of rigid PCBs. These checks must be performed to ensure a manufactured part that meets all the design requirements.

What’s Inside:

  • Coverlays Require Modification or Change to Flexible Soldermask
  • Stiffener Layers Not Defined
  • Separate Rigid and Flex Area Outlines
  • Rigid to Flex Transition Issues
  • Flex Circuit Board Arrays Have Different Guidelines Than Rigid Circuit Boards
  • Controlled Impedance Construction Requirements
Top 6 Flexible Circuit Board Design Checks

Get all the information you'll need to get your flexible circuit boards manufactured with fewer production delays and quality issues.

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