How Best to Aid Timely PCB Production with Accurate Drawings and Data

Inside the Top 5 Circuit Board DFM Issues Ebook, you will learn that Design for Manufacturing (DFM) is critical to the success of your PCB order. If you have designed a PCB that is more complex than usual, it is useful to submit files to your circuit board fabricator for review before placing your order so you will have some time to address any issues that might delay production.

Insiders Look:

  • What is the Problem with Copper to the Edge of Your PCB?
  • How Close is Too Close to the Edge?
  • Why are Tolerances Needed for PCBs?
  • And more…

From college students to small or large OEMs or CMs trusting the free DFM process has been key to cost-saving. Issues, however, can arise and can lead to inaccuracies, delays, and quality problems.

Top 5 Circuit Board DFM Issues

In this Ebook, we hope to educate and communicate some of the top issues found in the DFM process by our staff over the years and help all of you design a better product.

Considering industry standards are not well known, meeting IPC standards is best during design phase. Developing a relationship upfront during preproduction, working through issues with the design together is key to both of our success.

Learn These 5 Circuit Board DFM Issues 

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