5 Things to Know When Choosing a Cell Chemistry

Inside the Pros & Cons of Nickel Over Lithium Based Batteries Ebook you will learn five considerations when evaluating these two batteries and find out the pros and cons to each type of cell chemistry. 

Technology is everywhere, and it is growing more powerful and lightweight to meet people's application needs. Finding the right type of battery pack ensures that the application can operate in the safest manner possible while having enough power to last for several years at optimal productivity.

What’s Inside:

  • Safety and Battery Charging Management
  • Transportation Certification Testing
  • Energy Density
  • Charging and Discharging Rates
  • And more…
5 Things to Know When Choosing a Cell Chemistry

As battery technology advances, manufacturers will modify battery chemistries to push the limits to provide greater power, cell voltage, and life cycles while making batteries lighter and safer for use. 

Learn How To Choose a Cell Chemistry

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