Printed Circuit Boards Incoming Inspection


8 Expert Sections of Advice to Ensure High Quality Finished PCB Assemblies

Inside the Printed Circuit Boards Incoming Inspection Guide Ebook you will learn the best practices for properly inspecting incoming circuit boards. Understanding the process can help you conduct your own due diligence by monitoring your suppliers.

Insiders Look:

  • Incoming Packaging
  • Dimensional Verification
  • Confirming Proper Materials
  • Debris in Plated Through Holes
  • And more…

Circuit boards can range from simple single-sided designs to high layer count, heavy copper behemoths, with many attributes in-between.

Printed Circuit Boards Incoming Inspection Guide

Knowing what to inspect for at incoming, and understanding what you see, can be the difference between a job delaying non-conformance, and a full failure finished assembly.

Documentation you receive from your PCB supplier will assist you, but the knowledge and methods to verify what is stated empowers you to monitor your suppliers.

Learn These Circuit Board Inspection Guidelines

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