Printed Circuit Board Cost Adders To Know About


Top 6 PCB Factors That Drive Up Cost

Inside the Printed Circuit Board Cost Adders To Know About Ebook, we look at some items to consider prior to design and layout that can add up to cost-savings.

When it comes to PCB assemblies, the raw board is always where customers look to cut costs. Unfortunately, we often see this request after the design has been completed and we have the Gerber files in hand to quote the printed circuit board.

What’s Inside:

  • Blind and Buries Vias
  • Surface Finish
  • Layer Count
  • And more…
Printed Circuit Board Cost Adders To Know About

Cost-savings is more than just the raw board reduction in price. Components are in some cases very expensive and at a fixed cost with no reduction offered. Many components are purchased at a very high volume on reels, and that cost is absorbed by many orders eventually but as you can imagine there is a markup. If you allow for a crossed component in your product, there could be savings. Then, there are assembly costs. The components are bought at the best price they can for the quantity needed; some of that price is passed onto you. I am sure we all look to save in all aspects of our companies, so here are some tips for you to look for when it comes to PCB cost savings.

The cost of your part is driven by the supplies for manufacturing, of course. We are the manufacturer, sure, but it is out of many supplied materials that we do not have any control over the price. Items such as laminate, chemistries, copper, mask, silk legend, gold, and silver, to name a few, are purchased and are a set cost by volume. Yes, we can buy larger volumes or quantities at a better price for some items, but that is a fine line as well. Some materials have lead time and shelf life; sitting on the shelf is good for no one. Whenever we can buy larger volumes to save cost, we do it at the manufacturing level.

Learn These Cost-Saving Strategies

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