How Your PCB Quote Can Impact Your Delivery


Top 5 Reasons Your Quick-Turn PCBs are Delayed

Inside the How Your PCB Quote Can Impact Your Delivery Ebook, you will learn ways to improve delivery on quick-turn printed circuit boards or even standard lead as well as the top reasons and contributary problems for being late or disrupting the flow to production and adding to delivery challenges.

Insiders Look:

  • What’s Needed at the Quote Stage?
  • Single Pieces, Rail Additions, or Stepped Array?
  • What Material is Needed to Build the Part?
  • What Happens if My Data Set is Incomplete?
  • And more…
How Your PCB Quote Can Impact Your Delivery

On-time delivery (OTD) is a metric used by our customers, and at Epec, we hold ourselves to higher than industry standard percentage for on-time delivery. We track our performance daily and are held accountable by our management team for delivery challenges. Our customers expect greatness and quality product on time. Let’s face it, no one starts out with the intent to being late or causing disappointment for anything in life. Whether it’s a ride somewhere, a surprise party, or a wedding, we all want to be on time or early if possible. It is just as important to deliver product on time to our customers. We know deadlines are critical to delivery of finished product.

The printed circuit board manufacturing service is a complicated process with many variations of PCBs being manufactured at the same facility. Although some data sets can be more complicated than others, the same rules apply for all as far as what is needed to manufacture.

Learn These Top 5 Reasons

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