10 Tips to Consider When Faced with an EMI/EMC

One of the greatest hurdles faced while bringing a product to market is passing electromagnetic interference (EMI) or electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing. This is especially so when a shielded cable is involved.

Are you failing EMI/EMC? Inside this ebook you will find 10 tips to consider when faced with EMI/EMC challenges.

Insiders Look:

  • Understanding Test Conditions
  • Testing Before You Finalize Your Design
  • Risk Mitigation Design Practices
  • How to Spot a False Failure
  • And More…

The challenge is that all too often, one doesn’t realize you are failing EMI/EMC until it is too late.


At this point your project has been built and you are embarking on the journey of certification. Adding a design change could be catastrophic, and for this reason it is highly recommended to consider the shielding design requirements early on.

Learn These 10 Tips to Consider

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