Design Limitations with Rigid-Flex Circuit Boards


Technical Items to Facilitate the Rigid-Flex PCB Design Process

Inside the Design Limitations with Rigid-Flex Circuit Boards Ebook, you will learn that rigid-flex circuit board technology provides significant capabilities that allow challenging packaging requirements to be achieved.

As with all technologies, there are limits that need to be understood and accommodated at the design stage to ensure the manufacturability, functionality, and reliability of the finished product. These items are the result of both the types of materials used in the construction and the unique manufacturing methods used to create the hybrid construction of rigid and flexible materials.

What’s Inside:

  • Rigid Area Material Thickness Requirements
  • Number of Bonded Flex Layer Limits
  • Bend Radius Capability vs. Flex Layer Count
  • Blind and Buried Via Configurations
  • And more…
Design Limitations with Rigid-Flex Circuit Boards

Rigid-flex PCBs combines the electrical requirements of traditional rigid printed circuit boards with the mechanical capabilities of wired interconnects. The benefits of this in solving many of today’s complex and tight packaging requirements are significant.

Learn These Technical Items

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