Battery Pack Designs with Lithium-Ion Chemistries


Top 5 Ways to Maximize Battery Cell Life

Inside the Battery Pack Designs with Lithium-Ion Chemistries Ebook, we take a look at the charging/discharging parameter settings, cell balancing functions, charge rates, battery enclosures, and other factors.

Technology advances have created products more mobile and high-powered which require battery Chemistries that provide optimal energy as well as long life. From cell phones to electric vehicles, lithium-ion batteries have been the go-to battery standard for these devices. While new battery chemistries are being introduced, lithium-ion cells are being further modified and improved to allow for faster charging, better electrical performance in colder temperatures, and improved structural stability.

Insiders Look:

  • Providing Cell Balancing
  • Control Charging Rates and Temperatures
  • Improve Battery Enclosure Design
  • And more…
Battery Pack Designs with Lithium-Ion Chemistries

With manufacturers pursuing these recent advancements, they are also perfecting the ways in designing lithium-ion chemistries to maximize the life of battery cells. Customers who speak about their battery needs with the manufacturer during the design phase, in addition, discuss how to achieve longer-lasting cells while in use and during storage.

Comprehensive battery and enclosure design for lithium-ion chemistries can help extend the life of the batteries, while proper storage practices can prevent excessive self-discharge once the battery reaches the end user. Working with a trusted and reliable battery manufacturer allows you to determine the best design considerations based on the application, battery chemistry, and storage practices.

Learn These Top 5 Ways

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