5 Mounting Panel Design Tips for Membrane Switches

Inside the Membrane Switch Development Ebook, you will learn that developing custom front panels involves mechanical design, electrical engineering, and complex manufacturing techniques.

Engineers select materials and hardware based on many factors, bringing everything together to function properly as a complete system. The enclosure must be sufficiently rigid, it may include waterproofing, and the buttons should work as needed.

Insiders Look:

  • Complex Membrane Switch Shapes
  • Grounding Tabs
  • ZIF Tail and Cable Slots
  • And more…
5 Mounting Panel Design Tips for Membrane Switches

If changes are necessary after the design is kicked off, revisions to one subcomponent can create a ripple effect of modifications resulting in project delays and scope creep. Finding out after production tooling is built that the size of your keypad needs to be changed, or that shielding needs to be added to your circuit, can be a major program disruption.

Having just a few of the “gotchas” or subtle design details that can snarl a project flushed out early can make a major difference.

Learn These 5 Design Tips 

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