Reduce Costs and Lead Times of Your Final Product

Inside the 5 Battery Best Practices for Design and Manufacturability Ebook, you will learn the best practices to use during the design phase and through the production stages of a battery pack so you can lessen the costs as well as lead times for the final product assembly.

Manufacturing products containing or consisting of electrical components require a multi-phase process. A company must consider the feasibility of the product, how the electronics will fit into the application, and functionality. In addition, the electronic components will need to be powered by a battery pack.

What’s Inside:

  • General Guidelines to Improve Battery Pack Assembly
  • Battery Chemistry Design Considerations
  • Battery Housing Creation Guidelines
  • Passing Required Certifications
  • And more…
5 Battery Best Practices for Design and Manufacturability

Bringing in a battery pack engineer at the start of product creation can help manufacturers create a suitable design for the battery pack that works well with the device to reduce assembly times and minimize production errors. A collaborative effort from the beginning of the design is the most efficient approach.

Learn These Best Practices

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