Heavy and Extreme Copper Printed Circuit Boards


15 Ways To Design Reliability Into Your Heavy Copper PCBs

Printed Circuit Boards that use heavy or extreme copper have advantages over normal boards which make them attractive for high-reliability applications.

This Ebook is intended to help improve your understanding. It explains the basic how and why of certain key heavy copper circuit board design requirements, which we have learned over several years of fabricating these somewhat unusual type of circuit boards.

Insiders Look:

  • Copper Trace Widths & Spacing
  • Hole Diameters & Tolerances
  • Clearance Values Around PTH
  • Internal Layers
  • Thermal Management Considerations
  • And More…
15 Ways To Design Reliability Into Your Heavy Copper PCBs

Our goal is not to create a tutorial that will work for all situations. These boards are all, to some extent, custom items, and almost always require some discussion in advance. Rather, the information here will supply an overview which will be useful in determining whether a heavy or extreme copper PCB will be appropriate for your application and in guiding your approach to the design.

Learn These 15 Design Tips

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