Different Sizes & Arrangements Drive Cost and Lead Time

Inside the Custom Cable Assemblies: 10 Ways to Select the Correct Connector Ebook, you will learn how to decide on a connector technology. There is a near infinite number of different connector configurations, so it's best to understand the design intent and application details before locking in your connector selection.

Asking a few of the right questions at the beginning of a custom cable build can save weeks of schedule and likely thousands of dollars. Custom connectors are a possibility, and sometimes they are the only feasible solution. But before starting any cable assembly build, it's best to review your application and all design requirements with your cable assembly supplier

Insiders Look:

  • What type of signal your cable is passing
  • Connector’s pin design
  • Weatherproof IP-rated connector
  • Shielding your connectors
  • Strain relief
  • And more…
Custom Cable Assemblies: 10 Ways to Select the Correct Connector

There are countless considerations to review before selecting the right connector for your custom cable assembly. And what may seem like minor details at the front end of your project can lead to enormous swings in cost, lead time, and performance for your final product.

Learn These 10 Ways

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