Avoid Delays by Supplying Complete Information Related to Your PCB Order

There is a better way to get an accurate circuit board quote by supplying information to your PCB fabricator which is as complete as possible. Mentioned within our PCB Data Checklist for Accurate Quotation and Production checklist are the items that will result in an accurate quotation from every supplier from whom you request a quote.

Our PCB data checklist can be used as a handy “desk reference” when preparing to send your circuit board files for quotation and production.

What's Inside:

  • Complete PCB Gerber File Set
  • NC Drill and Associated Report Files
  • Fabrication Drawing Information
PCB Data Checklist for Accurate Quotation and Production

By submitting a complete and accurate set of specifications, you ensure that all suppliers will submit quotes which you can confidently compare to one another, without wondering whether each includes differing assumptions about what the real requirements may be.

Avoid Delays with Your PCBs

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