HMI Embedded System Development Checklist


10 Most Important Areas of Risk to Help Bring Your Products to Market Faster for Less

Embedded Systems are typically electro-mechanical products that are comprised of electronic hardware, mechanical hardware, firmware / software. These systems work together to provide functionality allowing the device to perform as desired.

Inside the HMI Embedded System Development Checklist, we will review the 10 most important areas of risk to help bring your products to market faster.

What's Inside:

  • Max Envelope and Interface Dimensions
  • Plan to Dissipate Heat
  • Definition of all Interconnects
  • Environmental Testing Requirements
  • And more…
HMI Embedded System Development Checklist

One of the most common root causes for embedded systems integration issues is the lack of forward planning, and challenges with interfacing between subsystems within one’s device. Having a consolidated requirements checklist to review when launching your design project can help minimize schedule and cost risk.

10 Most Important Areas of Risk

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